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Personalized Glass Jars

custom glass jar
2000 ml
custom glass jar
380 ml
custom glass jar
390 ml
custom glass jar
212 ml
custom glass jar
250 ml
glass jar LE GOURMET [ X ]
custom glass jar
glass jar TRONCOCON [ X ]
custom glass jar
glass jar PLUS [ X ]
custom glass jar
glass jar EVOLUTION [ X ]
custom glass jar
glass jar CILINDRICO [ X ]
custom glass jar

Reusable and ecological glass jars

We are manufacturers of custom glass jars / bottles. You can choose small or large glass bottles personalized with your company logo. We also sell the covers.

We personalize glass using a silk screen decal heated at 620 ºC, hence guaranteeing not only logo and colours durability, but also allowing the bottles to be washed in industrial or domestic dishwashers.

CERGAM GLASS bottles are 100% glass and contain up to 10% recycled glass and are reusable.
The choice of glass jars is ideal for promoting the ecological commitment of companies around the world.